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i'm so sorry Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 03:50 pm
i'm so sorry krystle// i stole ur colors cuz sumtimez i wanna b a gurl so i i try to act like u. but i'll tell kt to change my culors//i'm sorry my enjoyr those r ur culors and i know best know///big upz to cop choking on penis thats what it stands for/// i'll take it all back//oh yeah thanx for having ur dawg toss my salad last night///ezic out//
eMoTiOnAl CoNsTiPaTiOn: crappycrappy

catAsexual urge motivation Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 10:33 pm
my live journal thing sucks and its not as ammusing as everyone elses page//like all these fools have dope colors and kool icons ,and all sorts of crazy shit but im not to smart on this whole computer stuff so like my shit is all plAin and boring ,but anyway it doesnt really matter because only one person reads my journal anyway(((((enjoyr)and like its kool/.krystle looks hottter and hotter every time i chill with her,and i still am happy that i have such a hott girlfriend/shes reall sexy and she she showz it//that movie city of godd is sum krazy fuckin shit ,so like i have to get that movie on dvd///yea and me & enjoyr watchd it together and it was all kick ass//my hed is pretty warped,peace out krystle,see you on the flIp side<<<-------------------------999--------------------------------------9999999----9999999-------------------------------999999-----9999999---------------------888000===========---------------000000000
eMoTiOnAl CoNsTiPaTiOn: tiredtired
vOiCeS iN mY hEaD: kool kEith: fine girls

MURDER: its A proof of one's conscience and a necessary eviL most necessarily Jul. 26th, 2004 @ 10:49 pm
yO crazie OLd peeeps//i miss krystLE and i hope shes not 2 siCk//shes a strong person and she could take out anything or anyone.i finally saw her madd and pissd off/i knew i was bound 2 see sumtimE and it happend ,but she had 2 be mad at me /fuck!/oh well/she was juss tipsy and it will be koo.at first it juss seemd like we were juss talking 2 each other about funny shit ,but i then realized she got really upset w/ me and she wouldnt even look at me in my eyes or even want me to hold her/i then realizd she wasnt fucking around and i noticed how badd I fuct things up/ im not nieve anymore towards the explicit pissd off side of enjOyr /this is like the first time sumbodie i really liked in this way made me feel badd about whut i did/and i care about her so much and it did hurt 2 see her not wanting me to be with her or hold her//im sorry and i do feel badd 4 everything /i hope shes better and everythings allrite with her cause she said she was feeeling sick/im doing pretty good and i think i broke records 4 the longest stuff nose<<3 months<yeAAAH!!/im still rocking up L.A streets and putting it down 4 the c.o.p. mobb/yea thats rite/where cumming up deep/ this is bIg eZic-loke-ster and im outs 4 now,,lATEs

i am beautiful As i have killed Jul. 19th, 2004 @ 11:32 pm
......homicidAl patterns:disorganized//organized.>> HAte from the woMB//posted up in san gabriel at the homies pad drinking sum ale and passing out on the floor/wish krystle was there with me//but we did chill on sunday and watchd evIl dead together/she swares she didnt get scArd,but she had sick nightmares the next day\\how cute/its kool, i did 2/but i get off on that kind of stuff/also using mutilation and serial murder as modern metaphoR///anyways bLAze it up/get at me enojoyr :P

tHeir eyes where watching the kniFe in my hand/..... Jul. 11th, 2004 @ 09:36 pm
yo ppls//this weekend went by pretty fast///krystle was sick //and im gladdd shes kool again//IM goin to hang out with her tomorrow and thats all kick ass//i love spending time with her//shes reall sweeeet and nice//and allways takes my side when me and k.t talk shit 2 each other.//thanx babe///and thanx 2 k.t for all the rides//much love<<<lAtes
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juss came back from out of town//and had a kool 4th of july//lots of fireworks went off/lots of fuses where lit/(/i had like the best time being with krYstle this passd weekend/i feel even more attracted to her/and i feel good knowing that shes my beautifully intelligent girlfriend and she makes me feel really funny inside(like the way i use to climb the rope in gym class))stAy punk rock ppls.>LATES
» NothIng To LOose))
» mass murder:the only way to become gOdd
krystle is my babe////i reaaally like her alot/i hope she knows how much i really care about her////i think she does know that i like her alott/and when im not w/ her i think about her all the tIMe////im hooked on krystle/not the efedra drugg,, okAe/lAter on players/
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